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Единый телефон для связи:
718 946 5099

Адреса наших офисов:
1883 86th street, Brooklyn, NY, 11214

postheadericon Отзывы клиентов

Larisa Terakopova
I would highly recommend Yuriy Prakhin. He was on top of my case and informed me about everything. Every time I called his office with a question and he was not in he called me immediately to resolve any inquiries I had. He is a great and compassionate attorney. My case was settled very quickly and I received a high compensation.
Sunny RN
A high level of professionalism. Yuriy Prakhin has settled multiple cases for my dear friends and myself, all of which were settled quickly and received a high compensation! He was extremely helpful, knowledgeable and reliable.
Aleks Odessa
I was recently referred to them from a good friend and when I spoke to them about my case, they were very polite, professional and their customer service was amazing. Their success rate proves they know what they are doing. He does not take advantage of his clients and they gave me a free consultation. Yes, free!
Violeta Nikolova
It took me a while until I got to the free consultation from Mr. Prakhin but his advices’ saved me a lot of money and kept me out of trouble. Thanks a lot!
Nik Steele
Great Customer Service !I was a pedestrian and the car that hit me ran away, and no one wanted to take my case. Mr. Prakhin took my case, and I received a large settlement. Very friendly staff, and anytime I call they were very helpful.
Vasia Patov
Very professional — even though my case wasn’t the simplest, the attorneys and secretaries were very patient and considerate. My friend had recommended this office — now I’ll be doing the same.
Mania Babie
I have had multiple cases handled by the Law Office of Yuriy Prakhin. Each one of those cases was settled quickly and I was extremely happy with my compensation. The professionalism was at the highest standards. Yuriy Prakhin is extremely understanding, helpful and made me feel comfortable. He not only helped me with he case that was at hand but was also willing to help with ant questions I had. I would definitely recommend this office to family and friends.
Zhenya Voloshko
A great office with the highest regard for professionalim, and customer service . I had a case with them a few years ago which was very sucessful. They have a great staff members that went above and beyond my expectations and delivered outstanding results. Would recommend these guys to everyone.
Alexander Pusachev
Law office of Yuriy Prakhin have a phenomenal team that just love of what they do. My case was done professionally and I got my reward. I will definitely recommend this office to others…
Ayushmaan Singh
We at Law Aid, we are partners, working together to obtain the best results for your clients… we handle all types of personal injury matters…so if you can’t handle your workload, or you need assistance in any area, contact Law Aid and visit our website at www.lawaid.us — Exclusively for Attorneys and Law Firms!
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